Helping Local Families, Households and Businesses Find Financial Clarity Since 1974
We Believe Retirement is More than One-Size-Fits-All.
That's why we take an individual approach to each person's situation. It starts with a personal conversation about your needs and goals. We'll discuss your objectives, go over your plan, and give you the solutions you need to enjoy the lifestyle you've worked hard for. 

As an independent firm, we can customize strategies and products from many different companies to achieve your goals. Your retirement success and peace of mind are our top priority. 
Helping You Achieve a More Confident Future, Today
At Don Hughes Insurance, we understand the importance of you achieving financial independence and peace of mind. That's why we strive to provide that freedom and comfort to every one of our clients. We partner with you, working to thoroughly understand your goals and help you achieve them. Together, we build a financial strategy that's centered on your wants and expectations.
Financial Support for Households and Businesses


We do more than just retirement and insurance services. Through Tax Shack Financial, you can enjoy the convenience of full-service income tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, and other household & business support solutions. Our services include:
  • Medical insurance 
  • Group employee benefits
  • Business & individual income tax preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Business taxes
  • Other financial services for households & companies
About Don Hughes Insurance
Since 1974, your friendly neighbors at Don Hughes Insurance have served thousands of families, businesses, and individuals locally. With strong professional expertise, they work to bring high-quality retirement and insurance solutions to the challenges facing you everyday. 

Don Hughes is the owner and principal agent of Don Hughes Insurance. He leverages 40+ years of experience in the insurance, annuity, and consumer financial services spaces. As a seasoned financial professional, he knows the retirement concerns that today's generations shoulder. When helping people just like you, he brings unique insights, having long-time experience as a business owner and an employer. 

The Don Hughes Insurance team knows the comfort that comes with financial independence. For this reason, Don brings a philosophy of independence and personal service to the business. He is an independent agent, meaning he isn't bound to any external companies.

With this setup, Don is free to choose the financial companies, products, and strategies that best meet each client's needs. This business autonomy allows him to act in your best interest and give you the personal guidance you need. If you're ready for personal attention, click on the blue button to start.
Sharon Wade
Lady of the Lakes North R.E., Inc.
"Don is a professional who knows his stuff and carries the project from start to  finish in a detailed and timely manner. He is an objective thinker and  overcomes problems as they may arise. I trust Don Hughes with every part  of my financial dealings and tax preparation and would highly recommend  him for all of yours."
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At Don Hughes Insurance, your financial security is our focus.
Our friendly associates will help you find the retirement and insurance solutions you need for peace of mind. Get started with a personal appointment, where we will discuss your goals, objectives, and possible strategies to attain them. Let's talk!

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A sense of community and friendship have always been a part of the business, including in Don's life from childhood to the present day. Come see the difference that personal attention can make for you!

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